21-Day Fat Loss Challenge (2023)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge?

It's a diet program designed to help you lose 10-21 pounds in 21 days. Got more weight to lose? No problem! The Challenge was designed in a way that it can be repeated in multiple rounds if you have more weight to lose! We have had many clients successfully complete 5-8 rounds and more!

Is it a one-time fee? Are there any hidden fees?

Yep! It's just an easy, one-time purchase of $47 for the entire program. There are ZERO hidden fees! Do as many rounds as you'd like with no additional charges! The one-time purchase price of $47 gets you access to the entire program as well as any future updates that we make or bonuses that we release!

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Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! If you finish the Challenge and didn't get the results that we have guaranteed (10-21 lbs during the 21 days), you can email us for a full refund. All we ask to complete the refund is that you show us that you tried the Challenge via photos of yourself or your meals or participation in our private support group for the Challenge. This is to both ensure that you give the diet your best and to protect our digital content. All refunds and guarantees are also subject to the terms of our refund policy linked at the bottom of this page.

What type of foods does this diet consist of?

This diet is a whole foods based diet, consisting of lean protein, low-carbohydrate vegetables, and a few complex carbohydrates. It is a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and nut-free diet.

Is there a meal plan? What does it consist of?

Yes! There is a list of approved foods as well as a meal plan. While the meal plan will tell you what type of food to eat and how much to eat every day that you are on the Challenge, it does not include an outline of specific recipes to eat every day. It will be up to you to put your meals together, although tons of recipes are shared daily in our private support group! We have structured it this way so that you learn how to put together healthy meals yourself, which is what helps you make better decisions and keep the weight off in the future! The approved foods include lean protein, low-carbohydrate vegetables, and a few complex carbohydrates. It is a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and nut-free diet.

What type of people is the challenge designed for?

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All walks of life can do this program, but we made this program specifically for women and mothers ages 25-54 in mind. That being said, we have people of all ages doing the program and also some men who get great results on the program (their wives dragged them into it).

Do I have to exercise? What if I am unable to exercise?

You do not have to exercise to get the guaranteed 10-21 pounds in 21 days. If you are unable to exercise, you will still lose the weight (although, it does help). If you do decide to try the workouts, rest assured that we will walk you through every exercise, step-by-step. Everyone from a complete newbie to someone with intermediate experience could pick up this program, start out, and get fast results!

Do I have to buy shakes, organic food, or any other hidden supplements?

Nope! We do have a couple of recommendations for those that want supplements, but nothing is required beyond the whole foods that are approved in the program!

Can I do this diet as a vegan or vegetarian?

This diet is a very high-protein diet, and is not suited for vegans. If you are a vegetarian, you will have the following sources to choose from: Tofu, Greek yogurt, plant-based protein powder, and eggs (if you eat them). The required protein is up to 100 grams/day, so you will need to eat at least 2-3 of the sources listed above to make this plan work for you. Beans are considered a carbohydrate for purposes of this diet plan, and nuts and seeds are not approved.

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Will this diet work for me if I have a thyroid problem (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, etc.)?

Yes, absolutely! This program is great for those experiencing thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. The diet avoids all sugar, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods. There are also no other commonly known inflammatory foods such as dairy or gluten on this plan. It is a whole foods based diet of lean meats, low-carb vegetables, and a few complex carbohydrates. We have even had clients that have had a reduction in their hypothyroidism meds while on this program!

Does this diet work for women with PCOS?

Insulin resistance is often the biggest problem that women with PCOS face. The Challenge starts out with a detox from carbohydrates, which greatly helps combat insulin resistance. The lean protein, high-fiber vegetables, and anti-inflammatory foods in this diet make it a great option for those experiencing PCOS. We have many clients with PCOS that have had great results from our program.

Can I do this Challenge if I am nursing or breastfeeding?

Yes, absolutely! We have worked with our clients that were nursing on the Challenge to come up with a few modifications to the diet that will make it work better for you if you are nursing or breastfeeding. There is a separate section just for YOU in the Challenge with some minor modifications to make sure that you get the best results possible with no side effects or harm to your little one!

What if I have diabetes or pre-diabetes?

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If you are pre-diabetic, this plan will absolutely work for you! We have many clients that are no longer pre-diabetic after eating on our plan for a few months. If you have type I or type II diabetes, this plan is probably not ideal for you. It starts out with a week-long detox from carbohydrates and is not ideal for those that need to pay close attention to their blood sugar. You should always consult a doctor before beginning any new diet plan.

Won't the weight come back?

You shouldn't experience any rebound weight from this plan as long as you continue eating a healthy diet beyond the Challenge. If you ever gain any weight back (vacation, travel, weddings... we get it!), you can simply restart the Challenge at any point in time to knock the weight back off!

Can men do this program?

Absolutely! We design most of our content to reach women because they make up the vast majority of our audience. But we have had TONS of husbands and boyfriends do the Challenge with their better half. The crazy thing is... They usually lose a little more weight than their female counterparts as well! This Challenge totally works for men as well, and it's a great thing for couples to do together for additional motivation and support!

Is my credit card secure?

Credit card security is extremely important to us. That's why we've partnered with Stripe to handle the billing and provide a secure socket layer, 128 bit encryption. Frankly, your credit card data is much safer making an online purchase through our secure site than it is using it to pay for gas or buy food at a restaurant. So feel comfortable knowing that your transaction is 100% completely protected from fraud.

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How much fat can you lose in 21 days? ›

in 21 days if you just start eating healthier and exercising, you will see some results -- and you'll be able to sustain those results more easily. If you carve 400 calories a day out of your normal diet and burn another 400 calories each day through your new fitness routine, you'll lose about 5 lbs.

Is the 21 day challenge effective? ›

This is a simple and effective way to target multiple muscle groups – your upper body, your core, and your lower body. This might be super challenging at the beginning, but stick with it. By the end of the challenge, you'll be a pro who's gained a lot of strength. It's not just about the physical benefits, though.

Can I lose belly fat in 21 days? ›

While it's impossible to lose all of your belly fat in 2 weeks, you can lose some of it quickly by losing weight and body fat all over. All you have to do is eat the right foods (cutting calories in the process), amp up your exercise routine, and make a few lifestyle changes for the next 2 weeks.

How can I slim down in 3 weeks? ›

How To Lose 10 Kilograms In 3 Weeks
  1. Try Lemon Juice or Lemon Water. First, you can try to drink lemon juice in the morning. ...
  2. Eat Dinner Earlier. Try to eat dinner very early – a good aim is before 7pm, and then eating nothing after that point. ...
  3. Get Plenty Of Rest. ...
  4. Eat Healthier. ...
  5. Don't Skip Meals. ...
  6. Avoid Excess Salt. ...
  7. Exercise.
Sep 7, 2018

Can you lose noticeable weight in 3 weeks? ›

The first stage of weight loss is when you tend to lose the most weight and begin to notice changes in your appearance and how your clothes fit. It usually happens within the first 4–6 weeks ( 1 ). Most of the weight loss in this stage comes from carb stores, protein, and water — and to a lesser extent, body fat.

What should I eat to lose weight in 21 days? ›

What You Can Eat
  1. Vegetables. The 21-Day Diet allows unlimited non-starchy vegetables for lunch, dinner, and snacks. ...
  2. Plant-Based Proteins. ...
  3. Healthy Fats. ...
  4. Fruit, Nuts, and Nut Butters. ...
  5. Whole Grains. ...
  6. Animal Protein and Dairy Products. ...
  7. Vegetables. ...
  8. Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners.
Dec 23, 2021

How do you start the 21 days challenge? ›

21-Day Challenge Ideas
  1. Active Lifestyle. – Take a PE class. ...
  2. Community. – Compliment a stranger. ...
  3. Healthy Eating. – Add at least one vegetable or fruit to every meal. ...
  4. Learning & Productivity. – Review notes after every class. ...
  5. Relationships. ...
  6. Relaxation, Reflection, Mindfulness. ...
  7. Sustainability. ...
  8. Unplugging.

Can you realistically lose 20 pounds in a month? ›

A month is not enough time to lose so much weight. 20 pounds in a month is a drastic weight loss that can lead to health issues. The healthy amount of weight loss in a month is between 4-8 pounds a month. While this might not sound like much, it boosts your chances of keeping the weight off in the long run.

How fast can I realistically lose 20 pounds? ›

“A generally accepted rate of healthy weight loss is a half-pound to one-pound per week. So, budget five-to-six months to achieve a 20-pound weight loss,” she says. McAllistre explains that losing weight slowly helps you keep the weight off.

Is it realistic to lose 20lbs in 20 days? ›

You can in fact lose 20 pounds in 20 days if you do it correctly. The loss of fat is considered to be an achievement for modern folks. Our lifestyle is monotonous; it is a repetitive bore that goes to the extent of being sedentary. Such a lifestyle sure does add a few extra pounds on us.

How to lose 20 pounds of belly fat in 2 weeks? ›

Below are the strategies for losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks:
  1. Make A Commitment. ...
  2. Cut Your Caloric Intake. ...
  3. Up Your Protein Intake. ...
  4. Eat More Fibre. ...
  5. Plenty Of Sleep. ...
  6. Avoid Refined Carbs. ...
  7. Increase The Intensity Of Your Workouts. ...
  8. Drink More Water.

What are the 5 foods that burn belly fat? ›

7 Foods that Burn Belly Fat
  • Beans. “Becoming a bean lover can help you lose weight and whittle your middle,” registered dietitian Cynthia Sass told Today. ...
  • Swap your beef for salmon. ...
  • Yogurt. ...
  • Red bell peppers. ...
  • Broccoli. ...
  • Edamame. ...
  • Diluted vinegar.

Does lemon water help weight loss? ›

Drinking lemon water can be a helpful way to support weight loss. Lemon extract has been shown to have beneficial effects on fat and glucose metabolism, and it may help you lose weight. Drinking lemon water also keeps you hydrated while being low in calories.

What is a reasonable amount of weight to lose in 3 weeks? ›

Set realistic goals

Over the long term, it's smart to aim for losing 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1 kilogram) a week. Generally to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, you need to burn 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume each day, through a lower calorie diet and regular physical activity.

How much water should I drink to lose weight? ›

Drinking at least 64 ounces (eight cups) of water every day may help with weight loss. Downing liquid is not the only way to meet this goal. About 20 percent of your hydration needs can be met through your diet, says Caroline Susie, RDN, a national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Which part of body loses fat first? ›

Excess visceral fat can pose serious health risks, but when you embark on a healthy diet and exercise plan, this fat is often the first to disappear. This means you're likely to notice weight loss in your abdominal area first. Too much visceral fat can make your belly protrude.

Where does weight loss show first? ›

Body-weight loss is usually noticed around the belly, waistline, and thighs first. This is because your body stores fat in different locations. For instance, men hold more fat around their belly, while women store it on their thighs and hips. Weight loss gradually starts with a reduction in belly size.

How to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks by walking? ›

Start with walking 10 to 15 minutes per day and work up to 30 to 60 minutes per day, depending on your fitness level and schedule. Increase speed and intensity to boost calorie burn, and consider doing two to three shorter walks each day versus one longer walk.

How to change your body in 3 weeks? ›

Transform your mind & body in 3 weeks
  1. Set yourself realistic and achievable goals. ...
  2. Healthy eating and staying hydrated. ...
  3. Balance of workouts and rest days. ...
  4. Shake up your workouts: weights, cardio, strength training, stretching. ...
  5. Celebrate successes, big or small. ...
  6. Review your progress.
Nov 26, 2021

How can I tone up in 3 weeks? ›

Body-toning workout
  1. 30 squats, rest for one minute.
  2. 30 pushups, rest for one minute.
  3. 30 burpees, rest for one minute.
  4. 30 crunches, rest for one minute.
  5. 30 dips, rest for one minute.
Oct 18, 2016

How can I transform my body in 20 days? ›

20 Days Workout Challenge For Healthy Weight Loss And Increased Muscle Mass
  1. Circuit A.
  2. Push-Ups.
  3. Basic Squats.
  4. Burpees.
  5. Planks.
  6. Forward Lunges.
  7. Russian Twists.
  8. Side Reach.
Jan 22, 2022

Can you lose 15lbs in 3 weeks? ›

Losing 15 pounds in 3 weeks is going to require some serious dedication and calorie-cutting, but don't worry—it is possible!

How to lose 15 pounds in 18 days? ›

  1. Cut Your Daily Caloric Intake.
  2. Eat More Protein.
  3. Sleep More.
  4. Avoid Drinking Your Calories.
  5. Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption.
  6. Drink More Water.
  7. Increase Your Fiber Intake.
  8. Avoid Stress.

What is the 21 day fast for weight loss? ›

The Daniel Fast is a partial fast based on a story from the biblical Book of Daniel. It's a strict vegan diet that prohibits animal products, leavened breads, processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol for 10–21 days. Some folks follow the diet as an act of spiritual devotion. It is not intended as a weight loss diet.

What is the secret of 21 days? ›

Most people believe that habits are formed by completing a task for 21 days in a row. Twenty-one days of task completion, then voila, a habit is formed. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. The 21-day myth began as a misinterpretation of Dr.

What is the 21 days habit rule? ›

The 21/90 rule states that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change. Is there a new lifestyle change you would like to make? Commit to your goal for 21 days and it will become a habit. Commit to your goal for 90 days and it will become a part of your lifestyle.

What is the 21 day purpose challenge? ›

The purpose of a 21-day challenge is to lock in some serious life-changing habits that go far beyond the 21 days. For example, a good goal is “I will exercise for 30 minutes every day.” A bad one is “I will lose 40 pounds within 21 days.” Side note: use nouns, verbs, and prepositions to clearly define your new habit.

What is the 4 4 12 rule? ›

Unicity recommends a form of intermittent fasting we refer to as 4-4-12. 🕓 By waiting 4 to 6 hours between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner, and waiting 12-16 hours between dinner and breakfast with no snacking in-between, we give our bodies the time needed to get into what we call the FAT BURNING ZONE.

What's the fastest way to drop 20 pounds? ›

Here are the 10 best ways to quickly and safely drop 20 pounds.
  1. Count calories. ...
  2. Drink more water. ...
  3. Increase your protein intake. ...
  4. Reduce your refined carb consumption. ...
  5. Start lifting weights. ...
  6. Eat more fiber. ...
  7. Follow a sleep schedule. ...
  8. Set reasonable goals and stay accountable.
Aug 13, 2018

Does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight? ›

In all, the scientific evidence that vinegar consumption (whether of the apple cider variety or not) is a reliable, long-term means of losing excess weight is not compelling.

How can I speed up my weight loss? ›

9 weight loss tips
  1. Eat a high protein breakfast. ...
  2. Limit sugary drinks and fruit juice. ...
  3. Stay hydrated. ...
  4. Choose weight-loss-friendly foods. ...
  5. Eat more fiber. ...
  6. Drink coffee or tea. ...
  7. Base your diet on whole foods. ...
  8. Eat slowly.

Does drinking water help you lose weight? ›

Water can be really helpful for weight loss. It is 100% calorie-free, helps you burn more calories and may even suppress your appetite if consumed before meals. The benefits are even greater when you replace sugary beverages with water. It is a very easy way to cut back on sugar and calories.

How can I lose extreme weight fast? ›

Methods of weight loss that scientific research supports include the following:
  1. Trying intermittent fasting. ...
  2. Tracking your diet and exercise. ...
  3. Eating mindfully. ...
  4. Eating protein for breakfast. ...
  5. Cutting back on sugar and refined carbohydrates. ...
  6. Eating plenty of fiber. ...
  7. Balancing gut bacteria. ...
  8. Getting a good night's sleep.

What is 2 week water fasting? ›

Going on a water fast for a day or two in a week can boost your metabolism, reduce calorie intake, and help you lose up to 14 pounds in just 30 days. However, this is a short-term weight loss plan. You must consume a balanced diet and exercise regularly as well. Water fasting has been practiced since ancient times.

How long does it take for your body to start burning stored fat? ›

Fat burning typically begins after approximately 12 hours of fasting and escalates between 16 and 24 hours of fasting.

How to lose belly fat in 2 weeks? ›

Start with our high-fiber diet plan.
  1. Walk every day.
  2. Load up on protein.
  3. Okay, now you can do some crunches.
  4. Try to limit your stress.
  5. Prioritize quality sleep.
  6. Drink less alcohol.
  7. Cook more often.
  8. Avoid sugary foods.
Dec 16, 2022

Can I realistically lose weight in 2 weeks? ›

Yes, it is possible to lose weight fast and within two weeks healthily and realistically. One way to do it is simply by reducing your calorie intake by 500 to 750 calories per day — you can create a calorie deficit to stimulate weight loss. Another excellent way to shed kilos faster is by being physically active.

Does apple cider vinegar burn belly fat? ›

Apple cider vinegar isn't likely to be effective for weight loss. Proponents of apple cider vinegar claim that it has numerous health benefits and that drinking a small amount or taking a supplement before meals helps curb appetite and burn fat. However, there's little scientific support for these claims.

How can I lose 50 pounds in 2 months fast? ›

How To Lose 50 lb In 2 Months: Lifestyle Changes To Make Your Dream Come True
  1. Incorporate More Fruits And Vegetables In Your Meals.
  2. Avoid Overeating.
  3. Track Your Calories.
  4. Drink Lots Of Water.
  5. Intermittent Fasting. The 5:2 diet. The Warrior Diet. Alternate Day Fasting.
  6. Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol And High-calorie Beverages.

What burns fat while you sleep? ›

Here are five handy ways you can burn fat while you're asleep.
  • Drink a casein shake. ...
  • Sleep more. ...
  • Eat cottage cheese before bed. ...
  • Resistance training. ...
  • Eat small meals throughout the day.

What melts belly fat fast? ›

18 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat (Backed by Science)
  • Eat plenty of soluble fiber. ...
  • Avoid foods that contain trans fats. ...
  • Moderate your alcohol intake. ...
  • Eat a high protein diet. ...
  • Reduce your stress levels. ...
  • Don't eat a lot of sugary foods. ...
  • Do aerobic exercise (cardio) ...
  • Cut back on carbs — especially refined carbs.

What are the top 3 fat-burning foods? ›

Try eating these top ten foods to burn your body fats quickly.
  1. Salmon. Fatty fish, like salmon, are good for your heart and lower your triglycerides. ...
  2. Coconut Oil. Coconut oil has many health benefits. ...
  3. Eggs. ...
  4. Berries. ...
  5. Avocados. ...
  6. Grapefruits. ...
  7. Apple Cider Vinegar. ...
  8. Full-Fat Greek Yogurt.
Jun 24, 2020

How can I trim my waist in 2 weeks? ›

22 effective ways to lose 2 inches of belly fat in 2 weeks
  1. Include tart cherries in your diet. ...
  2. Increase calcium intake. ...
  3. Include more vegetables in your diet to lose weight fast. ...
  4. Add some acidic foods to your meals. ...
  5. Include more grains in your diet. ...
  6. Consume more fish. ...
  7. Add more garlic to your food.
Mar 28, 2018

Can you get rid of belly fat in 3 weeks? ›

Belly fat responds well to a low-calorie diet and exercise, but you can't lose more than about six pounds in three weeks.

Can you tone your stomach in 3 weeks? ›

Most people can't get a flat stomach in three weeks, but if you're getting ready for a big event that's only three weeks away, you can definitely improve your current stomach status. Commit to a structured exercise regimen and eat a super-clean diet to maximize results and achieve a lean midsection.

How to lose fat in 21 days? ›

The 21 Day Fix is a weight loss and fitness program that promises to melt up to 15 pounds (7 kg) in just three weeks.
Four “Container Plans” with different calorie target ranges exist:
  1. Plan A: 1,200–1,499 calories.
  2. Plan B: 1,500–1,799 calories.
  3. Plan C: 1,800–2,099 calories.
  4. Plan D: 2,100–2,300 calories.
Nov 5, 2018

How much weight can I lose in 20 days? ›

You can safely lose 3 to 6 pounds in 20 days by making changes in your diet and physical activity. According to the Weight-control Information Network, incorporating healthy habits into your daily life not only increases the chance of weight loss, but will help you keep the lost pounds off.

How much fat can I drop in 2 weeks? ›

Quick rapid weight loss is dangerous and counterproductive to your health. Most people that lose weight in a rapid way gain the weight back. In 2 weeks, you realistically can lose 4 to 6 pounds which is achievable and healthy.

Can I lose 20lbs in 20 days? ›

You can in fact lose 20 pounds in 20 days if you do it correctly. The loss of fat is considered to be an achievement for modern folks. Our lifestyle is monotonous; it is a repetitive bore that goes to the extent of being sedentary. Such a lifestyle sure does add a few extra pounds on us.

How can I transform my body in 21 days? ›

21-Day Workout Challenge
  1. Push-Up/Plank Combo. Targets shoulders, triceps, chest, abs. ...
  2. Chest Fly. Targets shoulders, chest. ...
  3. Reverse Lunge. Targets glutes, hamstrings, quads. ...
  4. Squat/Chair Pose. Targets glutes, hamstrings, quads. ...
  5. Plié Squat. Targets glutes, quads, inner thighs. ...
  6. Biceps Curl. Targets biceps. ...
  7. Inner/Outer Leg Lift. ...
  8. Back Fly.
Jun 4, 2021

What is the 21 day crash diet? ›

The goal of this diet is to lose as much fat as possible over a 21 day period. The diet will consist of two high protein, low calorie periods of 10 days each. Each of these low calorie periods are separated by a “free” day where you will eat high carbohydrates to reset your metabolism.

Can you lose 20 lbs of fat in 30 days? ›

It is possible to lose 20 lbs. of bodyfat in 30 days by optimizing any of three factors: exercise, diet, or drug/supplement regimen. I've seen the elite implementation of all three in working with professional athletes. In this post, we'll explore what I refer to as the “slow-carb diet”.

How can I lose 20 pounds in 20 days fast? ›

How to Lose 20 Pounds as Fast as Possible
  1. Count calories. ...
  2. Drink more water. ...
  3. Increase your protein intake. ...
  4. Reduce your refined carb consumption. ...
  5. Start lifting weights. ...
  6. Eat more fiber. ...
  7. Follow a sleep schedule. ...
  8. Set reasonable goals and stay accountable.
Aug 13, 2018

What is the fastest way to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks? ›

How To Lose 20 Pounds Fast In 2 Weeks?
  1. Make A Commitment. ...
  2. Cut Your Caloric Intake. ...
  3. Up Your Protein Intake. ...
  4. Eat More Fibre. ...
  5. Plenty Of Sleep. ...
  6. Avoid Refined Carbs. ...
  7. Increase The Intensity Of Your Workouts. ...
  8. Set A Nightly Food Cutoff Time.

How long does it realistically take to lose 20 pounds? ›

That burns an extra 3,500 calories per week. Since there are about 3,500 calories in one pound, it would take you one week to lose one pound and 20 weeks to lose 20 pounds.


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