10 Real Ways To Earn Money Online Singapore | Part Time Jobs (2023)

Thanks to today’s new digital landscape, there are new ways you can make cash without having to sit in an office all day. More and more people make money online, and no longer rely on a traditional job to earn a comfortable living.

Here are some of the most popular ways people in Singapore can earn money online. All you need is internet access, some creativity, and to believe you can do it! Read on and get inspired:

Singapore Digital Real Estate

Starting an online business is a fun and easy way to get a passive income. If you can set up your online business in just the right way, it requires very little upkeep. That gives you more time to focus on the important things in life.

Wouldn’t it be great to work from anywhere in the world? You just need to set up your online business right to do just that. A good idea is to get training. But you should choose someone who is backed up by proven success stories.

Singapore is home to our very own “internet millionaire maker”Fabian Lim. Fabian (nowGroup CEO Pageadvisor.com) is also the author of the book “Click! Work Anytime, Live Anywhere”. He is living the proof of his book title thanks to his online businesses. He is currently running a course that can teach you all you need to know for online success, and has recommendations from several students of his.

With the right marketing techniques and a few digital real estate tweaks, Lim’s teachings let his students build their online businesses with no more than a computer and the internet. Lim’s techniques help you get amazing search rankings, find your customer base, and much more.

These courses take place right here in Singapore. It’s no get-rich-quick scheme – students have to go to class and put in the hard yards with their study. But once the training is complete, the results speak for themselves. Have a look at the program and Lim’s success stories to see for yourself. You too can successfully build your online business idea. Your ideal lifestyle could be just a few clicks away!

Shanneez Changis another of Lim’s success stories.“Former Singapore Airlines Stewardess Turned Full-Time Internet Entrepreneur”

Jian Yongis a young internet millionaire who Lim trained. In just a few short years, Yong went from broke swimming teacher to a rich young man. Yong has a record for creating a new company in just two hours. Now he is Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer ofPage Advisor.

The previews are 100% Free. 100% No obligation, so secure your seat today and make 2016 be your best year yet! Clickhereto find out more.

Perform Online Translations Assignments

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Lots of linguistically talented Singaporeans make money this way. Online translations are an awesome way to make money from home. There are lots of different online translation services that you can sign up to. Some will require you to prove your abilities, but once you are in, it’s easy!

Some online translation services will send you files to translate. Others will let you choose your assignment. This latter option is lots of fun, as you can choose topics that interest you. Sometimes translation work will educate you about fascinating new topics. Who doesn’t love getting paid to learn?

To succeed as an online translator, you’ll need a few key skills. The first is excellent ability in your languages of choice. You also need to be a fast typist. Most jobs pay you per task, so the faster you work, the more you earn.

Does translation work sound like it could be your ideal part-time job from home? There are lots of options available in Singapore. Have a look at translationservice.sg, professionaltranslation.com.sg and rafflestranslation.com.sg for some good local sites. You could also trygengo.comorfreelancer.comif you want to work internationally.

Sell Your Photos Online

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Do you have talent when it comes to photos? Photography can be an expensive hobby, so why not turn your snaps into cash? There are a number of websites that will pay to use your images, you just have to know where to find them. Here are a few of the best places you can sell your photos online:

If you’re just starting out,iStock Photois a good place to start selling. There are lots of resources and forums to help you figure out the process. The royalty payout isn’t as great as other sites at 15%. However you can get 22-45% royalties if you exclusively sell with iStock.

Alamyis a huge website for stock photos. It’s also a good option because they give you 50% royalty rate. Compared to other places, this is super generous! Plus you can still sell your photos to other sites once sold through Alamy.

Shutterstockis another popular stock photography website. It’s great for photographers as they retain copyright control after uploading. You can make up to $28 per image, and can also keep up to 30% of the sale price.

Start Your Own Blog and Monetize

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Lots of savvy Singaporeans are making good money from their blogs. Some bloggers are even given celebrity status! If you can create a blog that people want to view everyday, there’s money in it for you. There are some common factors that the blogs with heavy traffic seem to share.

Firstly, you need to post regularly. People are hungry for content, and if you leave them starving they will look elsewhere. Secondly, you need to know what your audience wants, and deliver. The bookBlogging For A Living by Grace Tanhas strategies on how to monetise your blog. She’s proof that you can make enough money to live well via writing online.

Once you get started and are pulling traffic, start talking to advertisers and getting involved with advertising networks. Local networks like Nuffnang and Gushcloud can negotiate your fees in exchange for a cut. Google ads will help connect you to your advertisers as well.

Write and Publish a Kindle ebook

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Have a manuscript that’s been sitting around? There’s no need to wait for a publisher or agent any more. Uploading a novel directly to Amazon is ridiculously easy nowadays. If you’ve always been meaning to write a book, why not do it right now? Choose a how-to format, or a bodice-ripping story, whatever takes your fancy.

Make sure your book is formatted to fit be read easily on Kindle, and you’re good to go. Amazon dominates the book market, which makes it a great platform for your book to get noticed. Learn more onAmazon direct publishing.

Affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a form of internet advertising that makes a lot of people money. This type of advertising allows an online business to affiliate themselves with web site owners. Owners of big sites like Lazada and Amazon have programs that use affiliates to generate traffic, leads and sales to their sites. These big merchant sites pay their affiliates in exchange for the clicks.

Two of the biggest affiliate marketing programs are the ones mentioned above. The Affiliates Program ofAmazon Associatesis useful because there are over a million products to choose from. You’re sure to find one that complements your site.Lazada affiliatesis a Singapore-based affiliate program that gives you a commission from sales after clicking through on your site.

Do Some Gigs on Fiverr

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If you have creative industry skills,Fiverr.comis a freelance site that connects you to online cash. There are all kinds of categories that could be making you money on Fiverr. Sign up to share skills on Graphics and Design, IT, Music and Voiceovers, Online Marketing and More. It takes only 5 minutes or so to create your Fiverr profile. You can play to your strengths and choose what you do best, so it’s easy money!

Review Music For Money

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If you love listening to new music, why not make money from it? Reviewing online tunes isn’t the most profitable way to make cash, but it’s always great to earn doing what you love. Here’s a quick overview of the top sites for making money by reviewing music:

Slice the Pieis the most popular song reviewing platform (although its not Singapore based, its just too good not to have it mentioned here). You can’t access it unless you are in the US or Europe, but VPN fixes that! You listen to at least 90 seconds of a song during your session time, and get paid via PayPal.

TheMusicXraysite is also useful for unsigned artists to showcase their tunes. Reviewers get sent songs according to their music taste, and can make up to 10c per song.

RadioLoyaltylets you watch the video as well as listen to the music. It works via a pointst system, which you can choose to transfer to your account or exchange for gift cards. It’s not the easiest platform for transferring your money, but it’s fun!

Hit Predictoris another music review site that pays in both cash and merchandise. Earn points for completing polls, and redeem them for CDs, DVDs or cash.

Freelance Work Online

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Freelancers rely on the internet to find them work. There are all kinds of interesting projects up for grabs online, and you get to complete them when it suits you. Some freelance sites will require you to complete a task or two before you’re added to the database. However, many will let you start working or bidding for projects right away. Have a look at some of the most popular freelance sites, and see if you can get paid for your skills online:

Those who make moneyUpwork.comget their hours tracked by the site. This is great, as sometimes freelance assignments can take more time than expected. You get paid for the milestones met on your project each week. This is another big advantage, as many freelance sites take their time with getting your payment to you. The popularity of this site (more than 4 million users!) also means there is lots of work on offer.

Freelancer.comis open access, so there is no test to sign up. You bid on projects that interest you, and the client will choose who gets the job. It’s a huge site used by many people the world over, so it can get quite competitive on prices.

Clickworker.comis a job site that specialises in small projects, or “micro-jobs”. There’s quite a lengthy application process, and it doesn’t get the best reviews compared to other freelance sites. However, it is a way to make small amounts of money for little tasks. Your “micro-jobs” tend to be in proof-reading, writing and editing.

Become a Youtube Star Online

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Famous Singaporean YouTubers can make good money from their online presence. In addition, you could even get a little bit famous too! As an example, the team from Wah!Banana and the infamous Xiuxue need no introduction.

In order to make a successful YouTube channel, you should follow the rules for creating a good blog above. It’s all about finding your niche, and giving you audience what they want. After you get good traffic flow, it’s time to start looking for advertisers. Check out point 4 above for a refresher in internet marketing!

Many YouTube channels with lots of subscribers will do product placement in their videos as well as the methods described in point 4. Depending on your popularity and bargaining power, you can get paid a lot for this!

There are lots of ways to make money online. But can you really be sure your method will lead to success? Read on for a list of the most popular ways Singaporeans earn money online. We go over everything, from starting your own online business to becoming a star on YouTube. Working online can give you the freedom to work on your terms, and generate a passive income. This freedom lets you spend more time on what’s important to you.

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